Here at Spectrum Plant we try our best with all of the tools we have to ensure our business has a minimum impact on our planet this includes not only sourcing recycled or paper materials for customers orders but to the recycling of old oil that comes from our customer machines. We are always looking for new ways to reduce our planet foot print and minimizing the use of plastics.

Helping towards a better planet
We Always Recycle Old Packaging

Any box or filling which is received by our warehouse is always recycled in some way. We use as many recycled boxes and fillings as possible to reduce waste.                    

What If It Can't Be Reused?

If a box cannot be reused we take the time to shred it up to be used as filling protection for future customer orders thus reducing any unnecessary waste.                                          

We Have Limited Our Use Of Plastic

98% of the new packaging supplies we now buy are either made from paper or have been pre recycled. We only use plastic on a small amount of products for safety reasons which include our blade sharpening service.    

We Always Recycle Old Machine Oil

We maintain and fix many machines on a daily basis, any old oil that is drained from a machine is stored and collected ready to be recycled.                                                             

We Even Recycle Old Oil Filters 

Any old oil filter that is removed from any machine we service or repair is stored ready to be crushed and recycled.                                                                                                               

We Recycle All Of Our Scrap Metal

Any metal which we have to remove from machines to be repaired is stored away ready to be collected and recycled.